At Greenville Glass we have over 30 years of experience with commercial glass in Greenville, NC. Our knowledge of storefronts, mall fronts and hardware simplify the task of providing efficient and effective storefront solutions. We can construct and install storefronts to meet the demands of commercial spaces. From single doors to custom all glass entrances, we are prepared to meet your storefront needs to encourage customers to come and visit.

One of the great things about glass window storefronts is their versatility. Whether you want to display daily specials, show your operation hours, or decorate for the current season, glass storefronts allow you to customize your storefront in numerous ways.

With the holiday season upon us, you can use your glass storefront to not only decorate but to also attract customers. With washable paint, you can create a winter wonderland on your glass windows that will enchant your clients. You can even add peel-off stickers for an extra creative touch. The best part is that these decorations are just as easy to clean up as they are to put up.

No matter the time of year, your glass storefronts provide you with the opportunity to provide a cheerful and festive atmosphere for your clients and employees. You can decorate to attract passersby into your business or to provide the perfect photo opportunity for your customers.

You can even turn these storefront decorations into an art contest and draw attention to your company while rewarding your loyal customers in a fun and creative way. Have contestants submit decoration ideas for your storefront, and the winner gets the opportunity to decorate your storefront along with some other prize like a gift certificate to your business.

For all of your commercial glass needs in Greenville, NC, contact us at Greenville Glass.