Greenville Glass is the premier provider of commercial glass in New Bern, NC and Greenville, NC. Our company was founded in 1981 by Louis Reel and William Tripp. We built this business by providing the highest quality and best value glass solutions in the Greenville Area. We are centrally located to serve Greenville, and all of Eastern North Carolina.

We have experienced staff who will solve nearly any glass related problem. We specialize in all types of glass repairs for automotive, commercial and residential applications. It is our desire to provide you with the best value possible. We provide artistic solutions for any design criteria, as well as working to meet a budget.

If you’re a business owner looking for commercial glass, tinted storefront glass is a great option for you. So, what are the benefits of tinted glass?

Installing tinted glass in your storefront can help cut down your company’s energy costs. For most storefronts, you don’t want to use blinds, which means that your office or store is getting constantly hit with the harsh rays of the sun. By tinting your storefront’s glass, you can shield your building from the heat of the sun, keeping your office and your customers cooler.

Tinted storefront glass can also help prevent damage to your furniture, carpet, and electronics from the sun. Constant exposure to the sun can cause your furniture and carpet to fade and age quicker than usual. The heat from the sun can also cause damage to your electronics over time. Tinted glass will help reduce the effects of the sun on your property.

Tinted storefront glass is helpful for your employees, especially if they have desks or work areas that face the sun. Tinted glass will keep them from having to squint to see what they’re doing while they work. It will also help to give them a level of privacy from traffic and pedestrians.

For all of your commercial glass needs, including tinted storefront glass, give us a call at Greenville Glass.